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—  Recommendations

“Dear Rasmus. You are an awesome teacher! Thanks for helping me out.”
– Malik age 10, playes the drums

“Attention to detail and his ability to motivate, is key to where i'm at today in my technique. I highly recommend Rasmus!” – Anders age 38, playes Cajon


I teach Steel Pans, Percussion and Drums to all ages.

I teach as much as possible. Mainly Steel Pans, Percussion and Drums. But, Music Theory, Ear training, Piano, Bass, Composing and Arranging are also interesting things to spend time on. My current Students are from 6 to 72 years of age.



—  Workshops & Courses

I am available for booking of lessons in how to play the Cajon. 
– Also for fellow teachers and for students.

Hear more about it; contact me


—  Steel Pan Ambassadors

Funky Steel 
Steel Stars

Calypso Kids

I am the teacher and bandleader of these steelbands from Egedal Musikskole.


—  Practice Makes Perfect

Kadaboum is a good book for drummers, I highly recommend.